Black shoes are easy to match with pretty much anything and everything. Our designers created this article to provide you with style tips and recommendations to choose the sharpest sock colors to pair with black shoes.

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Top 3 Sock Colors with Black Shoes
Unexpected Sock Colors for Black Shoes

Top 3 Sock Colors with Black Shoes

1. Black Socks with Black Shoes

Can you wear black dress socks with black dress shoes? Absolutely! This monochromatic look can be extremely powerful and is appropriate for virtually any occasion. The image below shows some of our favorite combinations of black socks with black shoes.

matching black dress socks with black shoes

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While this is a simple, elegant sock color to pair with black dress shoes, there are plenty of other options available.

2. Grey Socks with Black Shoes

Grey is another fantastic color of sock to wear with black shoes. At Boardroom Socks, we follow the guidelines of traditional menswear and find that mixing black, grey and navy is a can’t-miss combination. These three colors are foundational and typically abundant in most men’s wardrobes.

grey dress socks with black shoes and blue jeans

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The photo above shows how sharp a tasteful combination of navy and grey can be when paired with black shoes.

3. Dark Blue Socks with Black Shoes

Darker hues like navy blue socks or even a bluish grey give guys the subtlety they may be looking for without sacrificing style.

navy blue dress socks with black bit loafers and navy pants

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In order to create a dynamic outfit overall, try coordinating your dark blue socks with a similar shade pocket square or tie. This, when combined with black men’s shoes, is a great way to pull the whole look together and make you seem exceptionally fashion-forward.

Other Sock Colors to Match with Black Shoes

Do I have to wear black socks with black shoes? The traditional rule in fashion is to match your socks with your pants, which provides you with quite a bit of latitude when it comes to wearing black shoes; don’t feel restricted to only wearing black socks with black shoes! The below graphic shows the sock colors most commonly worn with black shoes.

these sock colors go with black shoes

Versatile as can be, black shoes go with most clothes, pants, socks, and other accessories. Depending on the occasion, you can opt for either solid colored socks or patterned socks to create against your black shoes. Reference the image below for some of our favorite sock colors paired with black shoes.

how to match sock colors with black shoes

Those who want a more conservative, formal look may pair black dress shoes with solid colored socks, while individuals who want to spruce up a simple outfit might choose something with texture or a pattern. Whatever you choose, trust that Boardroom Socks has the style for you.

1. Light Blue Socks with Black Shoes

The contrast between bold black shoes and light blue socks is a great way to make a subtle yet impactful statement. Light blue dress socks for men add style without taking too much of a risk.

light blue dress socks with black shoes

Perfect for any occasion, light blue dress socks paired with black shoes can dress up or down any look depending on how you style them with pants and a shirt.

2. Neutral Socks with Black Shoes

While socks are a great way to accessorize, sometimes less is more. Nude or neutral toned socks paired with black men’s shoes are the way to go when you don’t want to draw too much attention. Easy to match and easy to wear, nude hues that are similar to your skin tone won’t distract from the rest of the outfit. They can be formal or casual, depending on how you style the rest of your look, and can easily coordinate with any additional men’s accessories that you choose.

3. Light Colored Socks with Black Shoes

Black shoes go well with almost all solid-colored socks; this even includes light colored socks! If you’re going for clean and crisp, try pairing light colored socks with light-colored pants or trousers. Slightly rolled up khakis are a great option here. Combine them with a pair of either solid or patterned beige socks and wear a darker hue on top to go with the black shoes on bottom; Voila! You’ll have a whole new look.

4. Dark Colored Socks with Black Shoes

The devil is in the details when it comes to mixing dark shoes with dark colored socks. There’s a fine line between too much matching and not enough, so it’s important to decide whether or not you want your dark colored socks to stand out against your black shoes or blend in before you arrange your entire outfit. Whichever you choose, Boardroom Socks has a wide variety of options of dark colored socks to go with black shoes for all occasions.

Don't Forget: You Can Have Fun with Black Shoes

colorful black dress socks with black dress shoes

One final piece of advice: don’t forget to have fun! Because black shoes are so neutral in their own right, you have full license to play around with the style, pattern, texture, and design of the socks with which you pair them.

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Editorial Staff

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