When the summer really heats up, even the nicest pair of cotton or lightweight wool dress socks might still feel stifling. That’s when you’ll need to turn to Boardroom Socks’ secret weapon: The no show dress sock.

The best no show dress socks will help protect your shoes from sweat damage all while keeping you cool and comfortable. They’re a no-brainer for summer weddings, and work great whether you’re going for a professional look or a more casual one.

So in this guide, we’ll break down the finer details of our no show dress socks to give you a clear idea of when, where, and how you should wear them.

When to Wear No Show Dress Socks

The trend of men wearing no show socks — and thereby exposing their ankles below the cuffs of their pants — is a relatively recent one. But after it became all the rage in the Italian modeling scene, it’s started to catch on with the American crowd too.

So there are two main times you’d want to wear no show dress socks: In a business casual outfit during the summer, or with a finely tailored pair of pants for a formal and stylish look.

Additionally, anytime you’re wearing khaki shorts and loafers or Sperrys is a great time to break out your no show dress socks. They’ll add a barrier between your sweaty feet and your nice shoes that will keep you more comfortable and extend the longevity of your shoes.

The Right Pants to Wear with No Show Dress Socks

To really pull off no show dress socks and the bare ankle look, you’ll need pants with a specifically tailored fit.

no show dress socks with jeans and loafers

That means opting for pants with a tapered lower leg, and a cuff that ends about two inches above the tops of your dress shoes. Tailored chinos or a slim cut jean can also work with these measurements, and they both look quite nice with a pair of loafers and some no show socks.

The Right Shoes to Wear with No Show Dress Socks

By choosing to go with the bare ankle look, you’ll be going outside of the usual bounds of a business or formal outfit. That’s not a bad thing, but it does mean that you’ll need to adjust your choice of shoe as well.

Oxfords are about as formal as it gets, and they’re a tough match with no show socks. Choosing a slightly less dressy option such as a monk strap or loafer shoe is almost always a better match.

For a fuller look at the difference between these shoes (as well as color matching advice), check out our guides to black dress shoes and brown dress shoes as well.

The Best No Show Dress Socks to Add to Your Wardrobe

We’re quite proud of all the socks we make here at Boardroom Socks, and our no-show socks are no exception. The magic of these socks is in the attention to detail we put into them:

  • Always made in the USA
  • Silicone heel grips keep the socks from slipping down
  • Made of a soft and breathable merino wool
  • Seamless toes for all-day comfort

So why don’t you check out a couple of pairs today?

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff

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